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Read the latest neuroscience news making headlines around the world.

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Brain Mapping

Source: MIT Technology Review
Date: 23 April 2014
A new map, a decade in the works, shows structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before, providing neuroscientists with a guide to its immense complexity.

Brain Control in a Flash of Light

Source: New York Times
Date: 22 April 2014
Karl Deisseroth is among a group of scientists who have been working on a way to turn brain cells on and off using genetic engineering and light.

Magnifying the Body May Reduce Pain

Source: Inside Science
Date: 22 April 2014
In healthy people, seeing an enlarged hand lessened the subjective experience of pain.

Meaningful Activities Protect the Brain from Depression

Source: The Atlantic
Date: 21 April 2014
A new study of adolescents found that those who derive joy from selfless deeds were less likely to be depressed over time.

Animals with Bigger Brains Have More Self-Control

Source: LiveScience
Date: 21 April 2014
Researchers found that animals with larger brains, or more complex diets, had greater self-control.

Monkeys Can Do Math

Source: Science News
Date: 21 April 2014
Rhesus macaques can do simple addition of symbols, revealing how numbers are processed in the mammalian brain. 

Artists 'Have Structurally Different Brains'

Source: BBC
Date: 17 April 2014
Artists have structurally different brains compared with non-artists, a study has found.

Off-Season May Not be Long Enough for Football Players' Brain Health

Source: FOX News
Date: 17 April 2014
The time between football seasons may not be enough for players' brains to recover from hard hits to their heads during games and practices.

To Quash Depression, Some Brain Cells Must Push Through the Stress

Source: Los Angeles Times
Date: 17 April 2014
what does psychological resilience look like inside our brains, at the cellular level?

Sichuan Pepper's Buzz May Reveal Secrets Of The Nervous System

Source: National Public Radio
Date: 17 April 2014
Researchers wanted to know if the buzz from eating Sichuan peppercorn is connected to the tingling you feel when your foot falls asleep.

Apathy Could Signal Brain Shrinkage in Old Age

Source: USA Today
Date: 16 April 2014
A new study suggests that as people age, they should be aware of symptoms of apathy, which may indicate a decrease in brain volume and possible brain disease.

Portrait of a Dyslexic Artist, Who Transforms Neurons into ‘Butterflies’

Source: PBS
Date: 16 April 2014
After completing a fellowship at NIH, artist Rebecca Kamen has transformed her discussions with neuroscientists into abstract sculptures.

Videos: A (Very) Close Look Inside the Zebrafish Brain

Source: National Geographic Phenomena Blog
Date: 15 April 2014
Eric Betzig of HHMI’s Janelia Farm Research Campus reports a new technology that dramatically sharpens microscopic images of neurons in a zebrafish.

PET Scans Offer Clues on Vegetative States

Source: New York Times
Date: 15 April 2014
A study found that a significant number of people labeled vegetative had received an incorrect diagnosis and actually had some degree of consciousness.

Study Finds Brain Changes in Young Marijuana Users

Source: The Boston Globe
Date: 15 April 2014
Occasional marijuana smokers show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, according to a new study.

Brain Tumor Risk Higher for Teens Who Stop Growing Later

Source: LiveScience
Date: 14 April 2014
Teens who take longer to reach their full height may be at increased risk for certain types of brain tumors later in life, a new study suggests.

Pressure Sensors to Help Prevent Pain for Amputees

Source: BBC
Date: 14 April 2014
Researchers have developed a new type of pressure sensor - dubbed a "second skin" - which they say could prevent dangerous sores.

Gene Linked to Alzheimer's Poses a Special Threat to Women

Source: NPR Shots Blog
Date: 14 April 2014
A gene associated with Alzheimer's disease appears especially dangerous to women and may be one reason that more women than men are diagnosed with the disease.

Unhappy Marriages Due to Low Blood Sugar?

Source: Science
Date: 14 April 2014
A new study suggests that low levels of glucose in the blood may increase anger and aggression between spouses.

Why Do People See Faces in the Moon?

Source: National Geographic
Date: 12 April 2014
Our brains are hard-wired to find meaningful images in random lines and shapes—even if those figures are on the moon.