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Source: Society for Neuroscience
To fully appreciate brain function, scientists are studying what’s going on in various brain regions, and how these regions connect and communicate.
Source: Society for Neuroscience
Peering into the brains of people as they sing, brainstorm, and play is guiding neuroscientists to new insights into the neural underpinnings of creativity.
Having a bigger brain does not guarantee more cognitive power.
Source: TED

Musician and researcher Charles Limb wondered how the brain works during musical improvisation — so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. 

Source: Society for Neuroscience
Efforts to uncover nature's way of initiating labor led to the basic science discovery of a brain chemical that is involved in a host of social behaviors.
Source: Wellcome Trust
Despite much thought and ingenuity, neuroscience still struggles to define what consciousness is.

Recent Neuroscience in the News

Source: Nature
Date: 25 Nov 2014
Reprogrammed human and mouse cells offer way to identify new painkilling drugs.
Source: TIME
Date: 24 Nov 2014
The unknown cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) could be a brain abnormality, a new study suggests.
Source: Discovery News
Date: 24 Nov 2014
Using marijuana daily for four years or longer may be related to certain changes in the brain, according to new research. on Facebook

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