Richard Wingate, Editor-in-Chief of, shares his vision and aspirations for the site’s future, including an emphasis on telling stories about the brain and expanding our international audience.

The human brain is the most complex biological structure in the known universe. Its roughly 86 billion nerve cells power all of our thoughts, perceptions, memories, emotions, and actions. It’s what inspires us to build cities and compels us to gaze at the stars.

That sense of wonder drives as we share stories of scientific discoveries from neuroscientists around the world. is an editorially independent source of brain and nervous system information presented by the Society for Neuroscience. Overseen by an editorial board of leading neuroscientists, we strive to deliver accurate, reliable, and accessible scientific information.

Unraveling the mysteries of the brain has the potential to impact every aspect of human experience and civilization.

Join us as we explore the universe between our ears.