Blog 16 Memories, false memories and consciousness

Felipe de Brigard is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Arts & Sciences at Duke University. His research, at the intersection of philosophy, psychology and neuroscience, explores the neural mechanisms of false memories and consciousness. He joined us to discuss the nature of memory and the hard problem of consciousness.

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  • "0:05" Introduction
  • "1:30" What is counterfactual thinking?
  • "10:09" Intrusive thoughts vs. counterfactual thinking.
  • "16:10" What defines a false memory?
  • "25:12" Cases of patients being unable to encode memories.
  • "31:04" Repressed memories.
  • "37:23" Reconsolidation of memories.
  • "45:27" What do we know about the brain areas involved in memory?
  • "52:16" What is the extent of correspondence between brain areas and our cognition?
  • "55:43" The link between neural functions and cognitive functions.
  • "1:03:28" The hard problem of consciousness.

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