Neuroscientist John Morrison explains what really happens to our brain cells as we age.
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  • 1 min
Neuroscientist John Morrison untangles the misinformation around dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
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  • 2 min
Huang Yu is Assistant Professor at the Columbia University Medical Center. In this video he explains the plaques and tangles behind Alzheimer’s Disease.
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  • 2 min
As we age, connections between brain cells weaken and cells can't communicate with each other as effectively, leading to problems with memory and cognitive ability.
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  • 4 min
Researcher Samuel Cohen explains how Alzheimer’s differs from normal memory loss and how that may hold the key for future treatments.
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  • 8 min
Explore the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and learn how it affects creativity and imagination in this video.
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Almost everyone knows someone affected by Alzheimer's disease. The Forgetting is a documentary that includes lesson plans to help teach about the disease.
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