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Discover the animal models that help us learn about different parts of the human brain.
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Basic neuroscience research in animal models is essential to understanding brain function and the thousands of brain diseases and disorders that affect both humans and animals. Treatments for stroke, depression, and drug addiction are just a few examples of developments made by this research. Learn more.

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Neuroscientists have long understood that the cerebellum is important for controlling bodily movements, by making them more fluid and coordinated, but researchers have also long appreciated that cerebellum does much more.
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Having a bigger brain does not guarantee more cognitive power.
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Melina Hale explains how her research on zebrafish is helping to advance brain research.
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Studying the nerve cells that alert fruit flies to danger may one day help scientists better understand diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and autism.
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Through our senses, we experience the world. And for rodents, the facial whiskers play a crucial role.
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A shark’s ability to home in on the scent of blood is legendary, but many people are surprised to learn that sharks have a stealthy sixth sense to find prey and explore the world around them.
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What can we learn from a lobster gut?
Learn about rats, fruit flies, and more of the most important organisms used for biomedical research with these articles.
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What can the cuttlefish’s remarkable camouflage abilities teach us about vision?
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Animals have evolved visual systems that are uniquely suited to their survival needs. See how human vision stacks up to the visual systems of other animals.
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Researchers are studying what happens in the brains of people and other animals when laughing to gain deeper insight into human behavior and its evolution.
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Beginning on October 1, researchers seeking NIH grants must balance male and female cells and animals in their NIH funded research.
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.