Image of an eye inside of a color wheel
How the brain helps us see is a captivating subject in the world of neuroscience.
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Learn how the different parts of your eyes work together so you can see and make sense of the world around you.
  • National Eye Institute
New discoveries regarding connections in the retina may provide clues in the search for a treatment for eye disease.
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During development, cells in the retina converge to form the nerve that will transmit visual information to the brain.
  • BrainFacts/SfN
The Society for Neuroscience has announced the winners of the 2015 Brain Awareness Video Contest.
  • The Dana Foundation
Neuroscientists are studying how the brain determines what information is most important in everyday scenes.
  • National Science Foundation
Renowned neurologist and author Oliver Sacks passed away this weekend. In this video, he discusses Charles Bonnet syndrome and hallucinations.
  • TED
Sheldon Miller answers children's questions on colorblindness, whether it can be treated, and how people become color blind.
  • National Eye Institute
Learn about the National Eye Institute’s effort to restore vision in difficult-to-treat eye diseases.
  • National Eye Institute
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Pop culture is full of superheroes with incredible powers, especially in the summer. But none of these are as amazing as the superpower within your brain.
Studying the structure of neurons in the eye may help scientists prevent blindness due to glaucoma.
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Research could lead to new rehabilitative therapies when the visual cortex is damaged.
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Social media has been on fire with a debate – not over ISIS, healthcare or global warming – but over the perceived color of a dress.

3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.