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Mirjam Guesgen is a freelance science journalist specializing in what she calls science and..., science and health, culture, policy, or ethics. She has written for The Cut, The Globe and Mail, Motherboard, SciShow, and Maisonneuve, among others. Before becoming a science journalist, she gained her PhD in Zoology in New Zealand and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Canada.

Articles by Mirjam Guesgen

For more than 100 years, neuroscientists have searched for memory’s physical form. Finding it would answer philosophical and scientific questions about our minds.
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When the Calgary Brain Bank receives a donation, neuroscientist Jeffrey Joseph meticulously divvies up tissue samples for researchers to study.
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Research at the Calgary Brain Bank bridges the gap between exploratory animal models and human clinical trials. It may also upend decades of thinking about Alzheimer’s in the process.
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