Eric Chudler

  • University of Washington

Eric H. Chudler, PhD, is a research neuroscientist interested in how the central nervous system processes information about pain and nociception.

In addition to performing basic neuroscience research, Dr. Chudler works with other neuroscientists and classroom teachers to develop educational materials to help K-12 students learn about the brain. His web site, Neuroscience for Kids, is used by students and teachers around the world.

Articles by Eric Chudler

Each March since 1996, neuroscientists around the world have ventured out of their labs and into schools, museums and malls to share their knowledge and interest about brain research. What causes this exodus out of the lab? Brain Awareness Week!
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In a previous blog post, I described programs available to high school students who wanted to experience life in a neuroscience research laboratory. Research opportunities also exist for college undergraduate students but they are sometimes difficult to find.
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The public craves information about neuroscience.
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