Allan Basbaum, PhD, FRS

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  • University of California, San Francisco

Allan I. Basbaum, professor and chair of the Anatomy Department at University of California, San Francisco, trained with Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall, two pioneers in the world of pain research.

Allan’s interest is in the mechanisms through which tissue and nerve injury lead to persistent pain and the development of novel approaches to pain management. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and is a fellow of the Royal Society in the UK. He is presently editor-in-chief of Pain. When not engaged in research, he plays jazz piano and golf (and based on his abilities at the piano and on the golf course, has no plans to quit his day job).

Articles by Allan Basbaum, PhD, FRS

Although there are no pain-sensing fibers located in the brain, these fibers are present in nearby tissues. When they become activated, a headache can occur.
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