Your Complex Brain

  • Published16 Aug 2019
  • Author Hannah Zuckerman
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

There are a lot of sophisticated machines in the world, but if you want to find one close to home look no further than your brain. The human brain contains roughly 86 billion neurons. Each of these neurons exchanges electrical signals with thousands of other neurons to create the countless circuits in our brain and nervous system.

The nervous system helps to keep our bodies in sync, communicating with other parts of the body — like the cardiovascular system that keeps our blood pumping and the gastrointestinal system that helps us digest our favorite foods. When all these systems are in balance and working well, we feel great. However, as with any complex system, there are many places for things to go wrong. Unlocking the mysteries of the brain and nervous system is vital to solving some of these problems.



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