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Research shows that even mild TBI can cause permanent brain changes in young adults – and that the damage worsens over time.
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A computer hooked up to a patient’s brain reads his thoughts and translates those into electrical signals.
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Brain-controlled prosthetics are making huge leaps forward thanks to new data.
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A man who could only speak a single syllable taught us all about the complicated brain functions behind language.
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Recent research show the manifestations of a brain injury depend on age, gender, and how the injury was sustained. Successful treatments may require taking these nuances into account.
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This video was made by teachers for teachers who want to create a lesson plan about brain injury.
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The researcher discusses the complexities of motor rehabilitation in people with stroke.
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Repeated head injuries on the field can put athletes’ health on the line.
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Scientists explore how brief interruptions in blood flow can make the brain more resilient to a second insult.
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What happens in the brain during and after concussions and neurological trauma?
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It is fairly remarkable that Concussion, the movie, exists. Ten years ago, the public did not know much about concussions and other forms of brain trauma.
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One woman with a rare disease taught scientists about fear, by being fearless.
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In this podcast from Science Friday, science writer Sam Kean joins Ira Flatow to talk about the brain injuries that led to some of neuroscience’s biggest breakthroughs
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.