Tremors and Slurred Speech. Can You Diagnose Our Mock Patient?

  • Published30 Apr 2020
  • Reviewed30 Apr 2020
  • Author Lynnie Fein-Schaffer
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

A neurologist recently received a visit from a 65-year-old man experiencing a slight tremor on the left side of his body that has gotten a bit worse over time. While usually an active person, his movements have been slower than usual, and he has found his eyes dryer than normal since his blinking rate has slowed considerably. His family has noticed that his speech has become a bit slurred and his normally effortless gait has become very stiff with a tendency to shuffle.

If this man arrived at your medical practice, what tests would you order? Review the tests in the image below, then select a maximum of three to order to make your diagnosis.

What disorder do you think this patient is experiencing?