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It comes down to which parts of the brain are most active during dreaming.
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Our knack for recognizing faces helps us communicate with those around us and learn about our environment.
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A woman with a rare brain disease has taught scientists a lot about the neurobiology of fear.
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The junction between the cortex and the brainstem highlights the center of our emotions.
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Pulling all-nighters to binge watch your favorite movie can lead to some major problems in your brain.
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Today's New York Times has a nice video showing how stimulating a small set of neurons in the amygdala can turn off a rat's motivation to eat. The stimulation relies on a newly discovered technology called 'optogenetics'.
Odor information travels through the amygdala, where it helps to influence such behaviors as reproduction and defense.
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Learn about the developing brain and how your brain changes throughout your lifetime with this comprehensive website.
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