Your selections: Genes and Molecules
For over a century twins have been helping researchers understand how our genes and environment influence our susceptibility to disease.
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Neuroscientist Nick Spitzer explains gene expression and how it helps your body’s cells function.
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Sun-seeking brain cells keep the sleep cycle in balance.
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The drugs prescribed to treat symptoms of schizophrenia haven’t changed much in the last half-century. Now, advances in genetic studies could help scientists develop new — and better — treatments.
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Ray Dolan, Peter Dayan, Wolfram Schultz have demonstrated how the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine helps us learn.
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One of the joys of growing up in the South is that time in the early summer near dusk when fireflies put on their enchanting display. It was practically a rite of passage to catch and place them in a Mason jar with holes poked in the lid.
Unraveling the genetics behind brain disorders may offer hope to millions of patients.
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Today the world learned that neuroscientist Roger Y. Tsien passed away on August 24, 2016. His life’s work transformed cellular neuroscience.
Let your students test their brain vocabulary in a game of Neuro Bingo.
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The autism researcher tells tales of triumphs and tribulations in this podcast from People Behind the Science.
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This iconograph and worksheet helps students learn about dopamine and the evolution of our reward centers to help with survival.
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This easy-to-follow animation shows what happens during the process of neurotransmission.
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