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When you exercise, your muscles and liver release proteins into your blood that exert powerful influence on your brain.
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Diet, exercise, and mental stimulation can keep our brains healthy as we age.
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Aging is inevitable — but disability and dementia are not.
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Online “brain-training” games claim to help strengthen your mental muscles through regular practice. But scientists haven’t found conclusive evidence that brain-training works.
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How has the absence of disease affected the brain and aging since the early 19th century?
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Learn about the developing brain and how your brain changes throughout your lifetime with this comprehensive website.
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Even without a disease such as Alzheimer's, the aging brain does show signs of wear. Researchers look to the molecular level to see if they can slow the healthy, normal progress.
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Meet Olga Kotelko, 93-year old track star, and see how she has maintained brain and body fitness.
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