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Cognitive scientist, Marlene Behrmann, investigates what can be learned about visual perception through injury and disorders.
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Neurons help speed up (and stop) signals to create perfect harmony.
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Michael Rogawski discusses the similarities between migraine attacks and epileptic seizures and what they might mean for treating the two conditions.
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Having a conversation requires give and take.
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Cutting the connection between the two hemispheres of the brain has some surprising effects.
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A roundtable of scientists discuss ongoing research on the effects and potential applications of marijuana for adolescents in the United States.
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Neuroscience, not the supernatural, are what witches, witchcraft, and witch hunts are all about.
With this informative website, learn more about epilepsy and seizures.
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What if we could look inside the brains of humans? Now we can - by looking at the brains of people who are already undergoing surgery.
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Computer models of proteins involved in metabolism, the chemical reactions that sustain life, help researchers understand how disease affects their function.
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