Students can squish, build, and light up a neuron in this hands-on activity.
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At what age do we start stereotyping who we think of as a scientist? Use this activity to talk with your students about what a neuroscientist really looks like.
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Our senses do more than tell us when something smells sweet, or feels soft — they help us interpret our environment. This presentation will help you teach students how the brain processes our senses.
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Trauma and stress can have a negative impact on students' brain function.
  • Concordia University Blog
Read more about what happens when your students' brains grow from chaos to clarity.
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This article provides some tools to help your students with self-directed learning.
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Puberty is more than hormones and rebellion. The brain is changing too.
  • University of California
  • 4 min
Chicago Brain Buddies tackles the question "what makes a neuron super cool?"
  • Chicago Brain Buddies
  • 32 min
What does the nervous system do and how does it work?
  • Crash Course
  • 12 min
Arts and crafts and brains…oh my!
  • Our Time to Learn Blog
Try to gain as many hours of sleep as you can as you navigate this board game with lots of distractions along the way.
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Get ready to go back to school with neuroscience resources for both teachers and students.
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