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Use electric fish as a way to help students understand genetics and the development of new characteristics in different species. .
  • BioInteractive
Using this worksheet, test your students’ comprehension of the body’s response to environmental changes from Chapter 10 of The Brain Facts Book.
  • BrainFacts/SfN
Take the traditional game of tag and turn it into a game of neuroscience tag!
  • University of Washington
Get your students out of their seats and have them act out how neurons transmit messages.
  • Brain U
Check out these optical illusions and learn why your brain gets tricked!
  • BBC
Arts and crafts and brains…oh my!
  • Our Time to Learn Blog
Try to gain as many hours of sleep as you can as you navigate this board game with lots of distractions along the way.
  • BrainFacts/SfN
Roll the dice and read your fate! Will you be the winner with the most neurons?
  • Neuroscience for Kids
Use this guide to help your students deign a science fair project about the brain.
  • NASA
Can we tell the difference between a lying brain and a truth-telling brain?
  • Science Buddies
In this lesson Scholastics passes along the knowledge that understanding how your brain works can help explain why you behave like you do.
  • Scholastic
Can your teens tell the difference between their brain and an adult brain?
  • New York Times Blog