Brain Awareness Week (March 2013)

Each March since 1996, neuroscientists around the world have ventured out of their labs and into schools, museums and malls to share their knowledge and interest about brain research. What causes this exodus out of the lab? Brain Awareness Week!

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Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is an annual event founded by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives that has involved many different organizations, institutions, universities and schools across the globe. BAW activities range from public lectures and conferences to school visits, museum exhibits, TV shows and movie nights. The variety of events and activities developed for BAW is impressive; you can search for examples of BAW programs, find events near you and read BAW reports on theDana Foundation web site. The Society for Neuroscience also maintains a fantastic resource for experienced BAW organizers or for those people who are new to BAW and want to get started.

Although the Dana Foundation and the Society for Neuroscience support BAW organizers with ideas and materials, many BAW programs are grassroots events where individuals or groups develop programs that best fit their own communities. Programs can be as small as a neuroscientist visit to a single elementary school classroom or as large as a university open house or museum exhibit for thousands of people.

In 2013, BAW takes place March 11-17.

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