Science Olympiad

  • Published26 Mar 2012
  • Reviewed26 Mar 2012
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

The Science Olympiad aims to elevate academic competition in the sciences to the level typically reserved for athletic competitions in the United States. Volunteer to coach a team or help run a tournament event.

Starting at the regional level, the Science Olympiad culminates in an annual national tournament, with more than 7,000 student teams from 50 states competing in 46 events. At the national event, students get unconventional opportunities that parallel real-world scientific settings, from making and tending fake wounds, to building a motor-powered monoplane out of rubber.

The Society for Neuroscience sponsors the Division B (higher primary level) Anatomy event and the Division C (secondary level) Anatomy and Physiology event at the National Science Olympiad. The winners of the Division C event are special guests at the Society for Neuroscience's annual meeting, where neuroscientists accompany them to lectures, press conferences, and other events. 

Visit the official Science Olympiad website to find local team information, contact state directors, and explore outreach or volunteer opportunities.



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