In the Lab

Collage of scientists prepping and looking at slides
When the Calgary Brain Bank receives a donation, neuroscientist Jeffrey Joseph meticulously divvies up tissue samples for researchers to study.
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Taking cues from Carl Zimmer, let’s examine the Neuroscience from the great whaling novel, written in 1851, about 50 years age before the dawn of modern Neuroscience.
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This tiny pond snail is teaching researchers about the changes that take place in the brain when long-term memories form.
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Scientists look to insects for clues about how sensory information is processed in the brain.
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Take a look inside the bustling mouse brain in this video.
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  • 3 min
Can the zebrafish teach us about human development?
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Explore the frontiers of brain science in this lesson plan from The New York Times education blog.
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Take a guided tour through Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's animal research facility with this video.
  • Americans for Medical Progress
How can a fruit fly teach us about our senses? Watch this video and see how scientists use fruit flies to learn more about our sense of smell.
  • Beckman Institute
Play a game to map the brain with other online citizen-neuroscientists.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The neurology professor contemplates the ethical issues raised by neuroscience research.
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Cockroaches are quickly evolving to avoid precisely the yummy, sweet-tasting poisoned baits that I was using to keep them out of my kitchen.
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Neuroscientist Liz Burnett explains how animal models help scientists understand the healthy body and what goes wrong during disease.
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.