Photogprah of a scared teen driving with an adult is in the passenger's seat
Shedding light on a period of chaos and character-building, neuroscientists are framing the teen brain to help support this critical period in development.
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Getting to the right place so the brain can work properly is the ultimate challenge for any neuron, but motor neurons have it especially tough.
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Learn some tips and techniques for engaging children in the classroom.
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Teens’ nocturnal lifestyles are more than a personal preference — dramatic hormonal changes during puberty alter the brain circuits that regulate sleep.
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This short video clip shows fetal cerebral cortex development.
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Read more to discover the cognitive benefits of play in early childhood.
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Theory of mind is your ability to infer and understand other people’s thoughts, desires, and beliefs — no telepathic superpowers required.
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With more than half of its tiny brain devoted to sight, the fruit fly is a favorite animal model for scientists studying the visual system.
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Learn about the importance of introducing children to science at an early age.
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Learn more about the ever-changing brains of teenagers.
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Schools can use neuroscience research to optimize their environments to match the best ways for students to learn.
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You might struggle to learn new steps in your dance class, but your brain is working to ensure you nail the routine.
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Learn about the benefits of water play for young children.
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3D Brain

An interactive brain map that you can rotate in a three-dimensional space.