Emotions, Stress & Anxiety

Image of children with drawn faces on paper in front of their faces
It’s hard to describe what an emotion is — let alone how many of them there are or whether everyone experiences the same ones. But we do know this: emotions arise from activity in distinct parts of the brain.
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What happens during that split second decision to stay or go?
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Ray Dolan, Peter Dayan, Wolfram Schultz have demonstrated how the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine helps us learn.
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  • 5 min
There’s no mistaking a broken heart for a broken bone — but our brains might look at both kinds of pain the same way.
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This film investigates whether dogs love us by reviewing behavioural and neuroscientific evidence.
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How severe are the effects of trauma on a young, learning brain?
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Where do love ballads and beautiful poetry come from? What about the fear of heights and spiders? It’s all in the brain! In this lesson, explore the wonders of emotions and the brain with your students.
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What looking at the brains of a mother and child can teach us.
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Trauma silences its victims, but art can help those suffering from the psychological wounds of war begin to open up and heal.
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Fears may be acquired over a lifetime, but our brains are wired for fear from birth.
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Can a frightening experience during pregnancy affect the development of an unborn child’s brain?
What is it about smell that evokes such powerful memories? Find out in this video which earned an honorable mention in the 2016 Brain Awareness Video Contest.
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In an interesting article in the magazine Nautilus, J.B. MacKinnon, reports that a brain scan (fMRI) of free solo climber, Alex Honnold’s brain explains why he is so willing to risk his life to climb rocks without a rope.
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3D Brain

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