Brain Trivia Quiz: Movement, Senses, and Diseases

  • Published17 Aug 2022
  • Reviewed17 Aug 2027
  • Author Cyrenna Cooper
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

Image with five senses and quiz banner in left hand corner

Our brains take in information that allow us to move through and sense the world around us. But sometimes, diseases hamper our brain’s ability to properly function. Take this quiz and test your knowledge on movement, senses, and diseases in the brain.

These questions and answers are from the Brain Trivia: Movement, Senses and Diseases webinar.

Together with taste, what other sense allows us to distinguish thousands of different flavors?
What type of information from the outside world is processed in the occipital lobe?
In Alzheimer’s disease, neurons in this region of the brain degenerate and die.
A stroke is caused by:
What type of function does the basal ganglia coordinate?
What type of memory consists of facts, concepts, and cultural knowledge?