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Creation Date: 6 Aug 2014 | Review Date: 6 Aug 2014

Neuroscience as a STEM Subject: Part I

Source: Society for Neuroscience

Neuroscience isn’t just for biology class! Learn how you can use the science of the brain to enliven your chemistry or physics lessons. In this video, learn about the homunculus, the structure of the sensory cortex, from Jim Olson, a professor at Wright State University. The hands-on activity presented here will show you how to do the two-point discrimination test and create a representation of your own homunculus. 

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Try this in your classroom or community!
• Download the presentation slides from this video (PDF)
• Download the hands-on activity handout (PDF)

Download all of the models to create your own homunculus (PDFs):
Homunculus 1
Homunculus 2
Homunculus 3
Homunculus 4
Homunculus 5

Continue watching part two of this workshop to learn the functional aspects of the motor cortex. 

Download the Brain Facts book.