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Neuroscience, At-home

  • Published29 Apr 2020
  • Reviewed29 Apr 2020
  • Author Lynnie Fein-Schaffer
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN
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Keep the curiosity flowing. Explore neuroscience basics right from home! Complete worksheets online, try a quiz or two or even break out some jellybeans to dupe your family with a taste and smell activity. Don’t forget to check out some tricky optical illusions and learn why your brain gets misled.

Grade Level: Pre-primary

• Draw a Neuroscientist [Activity]

At what age do we start stereotyping who we think of as a scientist? Use this activity to talk with your students about what a neuroscientist really looks like.

Grade Level: Elementary

• Jelly Bean Taste Test [Activity]

Find out what the nose knows and the mouth leaves out in this experiment.

Grade Level: Middle School

• Body in Balance [Worksheet]

Using this worksheet, test your students’ comprehension of the body’s response to environmental changes from Chapter 10 of The Brain Facts Book.

• Kinds of Research Word Puzzle [Crossword Puzzle] 

Test your students’ understanding of the breadth of tools and techniques in neuroscience research.

• Neuroscience Haikus [Activity]

Looking for new ways/ To teach kids about the brain/ Try neuro haikus

Grade Level: High School

• Brain States Word Jumble [Worksheet]

Test your students’ knowledge of brain states.

• Brain Bee Quiz Challenge [Quiz]

Do you think you could compete in a Brain Bee? Attempt these questions to find out!

• Brain Bee Quiz Challenge Part 2 [Quiz]

Are you Brain Bee ready? Take a crack at these questions to see if you’re up to the challenge.

• Is Your Brain Lying to You? [Video]

Is seeing believing? Look at these cards and see if you can tell which is bigger.

• Squishy Neurons [Activity]

Students can squish, build, and light up a neuron in this hands-on activity.

Grade Level: All Ages 

• 3D Brain [Interactive]

Check out the 3D brain by isolating structures and taking a deeper dive into your favorite brain region.

• Core Concepts [Interactive]

Explore these eight interactive puzzles to understand how your brain organizes all of the information we use to function every day.

• Build a Neuron [Interactive]

Construct a colorful working neuron and build out your own neural network.