Image of pioneer cells
These trailblazers strike out into various parts of the brain, laying down axons as they go.
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How many billions of neurons are in the human brain? Find out the answer and learn other mind-blowing facts about your brain.
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Can we use human medicine to figure out what makes zombies... zombies?
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Grid Cells in rat entorhinal cortex were discovered in the Moser lab in Trondheim, Norway. These cells were first described in a paper in Nature 20051; For the past 8 years these neurons have been objects of intense study.
The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin outlines the causes, symptoms, and treatment for different types of brain tumors.
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The brain contains complex patterns invisible to the naked eye.
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The cochlea performs an amazing feat: translating vibrations in the air into signals the brain recognizes as sound.
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Memory is our most prized human treasure. It defines our sense of self, and our ability to navigate the world.
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Sheep brains are often available in local grocery stores and can be used as effective teaching tools. Use this sheep brain dissection guide to teach students about brain anatomy.
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Human brain cell transplantation makes mice smart. The transplanted cells are not neurons and the cells communicate without using electricity.
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One professor describes her first encounter with a human brain.
A friend referred a video to me. It shows what is reported to be a real time magnetic resonance image of a singer, singing. And it’s amazing.
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The real question that I am trying to find out the answer to is "which genes are expressed in the cerebral cortex?"...