Image of pioneer cells
These trailblazers strike out into various parts of the brain, laying down axons as they go.
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The developing brain needs a constant source of new cells as it builds the circuits that will control behavior.
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For people with this psychiatric disorder, compulsions become severe enough to interfere in daily life.
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Located deep within the brain, the limbic system contains brain structures crucial for memory, emotion, and basic body functions.
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Tiny cells in the inner ear transform vibrations in the air into every imaginable sound.
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Whenever we explore a new city, walk in the dark, or travel a well-worn path, we rely on a network of specialized neurons deep within our brains to generate and maintain a cognitive map of our world.
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Pulling all-nighters to binge watch your favorite movie can lead to some major problems in your brain.
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The wonders of the brain don't stop in your skull, they can be seen through out your body.
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What do a gamer, a scientist, and a brain enthusiast have in common?
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If the delicate web of language networks in your brain became disrupted by stroke, illness, or trauma, you could find yourself truly at a loss for words.
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Fears may be acquired over a lifetime, but our brains are wired for fear from birth.
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This infographic will help your students see language.
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The hippocampus is the key to your long-term memory.
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