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Memory Match Game

  • Published22 Dec 2016
  • Reviewed22 Dec 2016
  • Author Emma Lindberg
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

Learn about memory while you test your own in this fun educational game from


Students will work individually, or with another player, to test their knowledge of memory and the brain in this matching game.

Students will also test their short-term memory as they try to remember the locations of cards.


At the end of this activity students will:

  • Understand the biological basis of memory.
  • Understand how neuroscientists study memory.

Teacher Background

Questions and definitions for the Memory Match Game are drawn from the following articles from the Sensing, Thinking & Behaving section of

For more information about memory, listen to the Patient HM and His Missing Memories podcast and watch the Sketch of a Memory video with your students.

Integration into the Curriculum

  • Health
  • Biology, AP Biology 
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Fine Arts

Materials Needed

  • Memory Materials and Directions 

Download PDF file, 347KB

  • Memory Flash Cards 

Download PDF file, 306KB

  • Memory Answers 

Download PDF file, 443KB



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