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Bright Light Neuro: Brain Basics, Lesson 1 — How Many Neurons Do We Have?

  • Published19 Mar 2024
  • Source Bright Light Neuro

The goal for lesson one is to develop an appreciation of the complexity and intricacy of how the brain communicates.

Content Area:

  • Science
  • Nonfiction reading
  • Math

Standards (NGSS)

  • 4-LS1-2: Structure, Function, and Information Processing
  • 4-PS4-2: Develop a Model to Describe Phenomena

What are we learning?

The brain has around 100 billion neurons.

Why are we learning this?

To understand that the brain is very complex.


  • Presentation for class
  • “Complexity of the Brain” worksheet, printed
  • Bookmarks, printed 
Bright Light Neuro

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Reference Bright Light Neuro’s Brain Basics Teaching Unit.


Bright Light Neuro

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