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Bright Light Neuro Brain Basics Unit

  • Published19 Mar 2024
  • Source Bright Light Neuro

Bright Light Neuro is an initiative dedicated to simplifying brain science for young learners. Our goal is to empower students to better understand themselves and the world around them through a lens of curiosity, creativity, and compassion. With engaging, ready-to-use lessons, we make learning about the brain easy and impactful for both students and teachers.

Our Brain Basics unit contains four straightforward lessons designed to lighten teachers’ loads while empowering both teachers and students. These lessons explore the fascinating world of the brain, helping students from grades 3-6 learn about the fundamental structures and functions of the brain and gain insights into how their brains aid them in daily tasks and learning.

Bright Light Neuro
Bright Light Neuro

Lesson 1: How many neurons do we have?
Lesson 2: How much of our brains do we use? 
Lesson 3: What makes our brains unique?
Lesson 4: How do I consume brain information?

Created by Emma Bleakman, David Bleakman, Denise Croote, and Paul Smith for Bright Light Neuro.


Bright Light Neuro

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