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Ready, Set,...BAW. Gearing up for Brain Awareness Week

Brain Awareness Week (BAW)—March 10-16—is less than two months away, and brain enthusiasts around the world are busy preparing for the excitement. From the skyscrapers of New York City to the Himalayas in Nepal, BAW partners, including hospitals, universities, schools, senior centers, and other institutions, are preparing for brain bees, brain fairs, brain lectures, brain lab tours, brain dissections, brain art exhibits, brain performances and…you get the picture.

Brain Awareness Week Swag

For those new to BAW, it’s a global campaign to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. Public outreach that propagates breakthroughs in recent brain research can help children and adults learn how to live a more brain-healthy lifestyle and, by increasing the public’s awareness, also increase their support for funding further research. With these benefits in mind, the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives (DABI) created Brain Awareness Week in 1996.

Here at DABI we continue to promote Brain Awareness Week around the world through our Brain Awareness Week partners. Becoming a partner is free and easy. When signing up on the newly designed BAW website, you join hundreds of other institutions around the world who participate in the campaign. You can post your event information to the BAW International Calendar, and gain access to the free promotional materials and educational publications available for order in bulk quantities, as well as downloadable logos and graphic materials like flyers, posters, and web banners.

This year the BAW publications and resources are stacked with all the returning favorites including the brain-shaped erasers and pencils, the Q&A pamphlet, the Mindboggling series of booklets, and the Staying Sharp booklets.

The most exciting update for BAW 2014 is our newly designed site. We are sporting a new look and have tried to organize information in a more user-friendly manner.

Now is the time to start planning an event and taking advantage of the great, free supplies that we have to offer for BAW 2014—they are going fast. Remember, you must be a BAW partner to take advantage of these great resources, so register today at Also, remember to follow the action on Twitter (hashtag #brainweek) and on the Brain Awareness Week Facebook page.

–Simon Fischweicher

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