Brain Awareness Video Contest

Brain, Brain, The Magical Fruit

  • Published1 Jul 2011
  • Reviewed1 Jul 2011
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

Neuroscience terminology flows better in rap form. Timothy Warlow, Jr., an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at San Antonio shows how it’s done in his video about the nervous system, which took second place in the 2011 Brain Awareness Video Contest.



I’ve been having lots of trouble thinking of the words to describe what’s in my head and how this thing learns. So gather ‘round kids, and keep an open ear so the words can hit your temporal lobe and allow your brain to hear.  

Back in the day when they didn’t know jack, thought the head was hollow and the world was flat. Said the heart was the center for thought and love, until a man named Alcmaeon said “The brain’s the one!” 

The brain is made up of 100 billion nerves, twist and bend to form folds and curves. Nerves are the ones that control your moves, from central to periphery they let you groove. 

There’s two sides of the brain, the left and right, connected by the corpus callosum to keep it tight. The left side helps you with logic, speech, and math, while the right side keeps you focused on creative tasks. 

Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. 

The nerve is a cell of the most unique kind, but it’s not too hard to see or hard to find. They run through your body from head to toe and explain to your brain what’s going on below. The neuron is made of two different ends: the dendrite receives, and the axon gives. In between the two is a chemical splitter that we like to call a neurotransmitter. 

Four lobes of the brain that divide the core. The occipital sees and is at the back of the skull. Parietal feels and the temporal hears, the frontal lobe makes the plans and steers. The brain stem regulates all bodily function, and the thalamus acts as a relay junction. Cerebellum coordinates your motor control, while the meninges surrounds the brain as a whole. Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. 

Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. 

I know it’s complicated, but there’s more to this story. The amygdala is important for emotion and worry. Next to that is the hippocampus that works to sort your memories for that and this. The hypothalamus takes in for hunger and thirst, controls your sleep, and puts hormones first. The pons assists with sensory info, and the medulla regulates breathing and blood flow. 

The brain makes up three percent of your mass, but uses 25 percent of oxygen fast. This leaves it venerable to oxidative stress, so you’ve got to exercise and eat only the best. 

There is so much to learn about the final frontier, the more that you know, the longer you’ll be here. So take care of your brain, ‘cause it’s all that you have. You’ll live a happy life and what’s better than that? 

Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane. Brain, brain, my brain, it’s insane.