Brain Awareness Week: Get Involved!

  • Published26 Mar 2012
  • Reviewed26 Mar 2012
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

Although Brain Awareness Week is officially the third week of March, there are many ways to get involved throughout the year.

Students examine samples of a pig's brain
Students examine samples of a pig's brain to learn neuroanatomy.
Julia Brewster, Queen's University (2007).


Brain research is not just for experts. Share the wonders of neuroscience with the help of

  • Hold a public lecture featuring a local neuroscientist. 
  • Organize a brain fair with crafts and games for families. 
  • Share brain health tips with a senior citizen group.

Get Creative

Explore neuroscience your way.

  • Support brain awareness through music, video, or dance. 
  • Have an art display or poetry contest inspired by the brain. 
  • Write an op-ed or letter to the editor for your local newspaper.


Encourage interest in the brain with contests, games, and challenges.

  • Hold a brain trivia night in your community. 
  • Get involved in a Brain Bee as a participant, organizer or volunteer.


Spread the word about Brain Awareness Week in your community.

  • Post your event on the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives calendar at
  • Publicize events to various audiences: invite schools or teachers, post fliers in libraries or businesses, or write a press release about the campaign for local media.


Seek sponsors that can support or fund outreach activities.

  • Reach out to neighborhood businesses and organizations for volunteers, event space, or food.
  • Find a partner to help fund initiatives or provide event materials.