Senses and Sensibility: A Webinar

  • Published7 Mar 2017
  • Reviewed14 Mar 2017
  • Source BrainFacts/SfN

Have you ever wondered how you can catch a ball, see the color blue, taste chocolate, smell bad breath, or hear a bird song?

UCSD neuroscientists will be here during Brain Awareness Week to help you come to your senses. Watch this webinar to explore how the brain helps you navigate through the constant bombardment of information we call our world.


Alie Caldwell

Alie Caldwell is a graduate student of Neurosciences at UC San Diego where she studies the roles of brain cells called astrocytes in the growth and development of the brain. She is the co-creator, writer, and host of Neuro Transmissions, a YouTube channel all about the brain.

Margot Wohl

Margot Wohl is a graduate student of Neurosciences at UC San Diego where she studies the cells and molecules of the brain that are responsible for aggression…in fruit flies! Yes, they have brains too. She is the creator and host of the Salk Talk, a podcast that explores the fascinating lives and research of scientists.

Patrick Strassmann

Patrick Strassmann is a graduate student of Neurosciences at UC San Diego. He hopes to uncover how brains allows animals to track and perceive durations of time. Outside of research he likes to camp, hike, and climb the many parks and national parks in the San Diego area.

Saumya Gupta

Saumya Gupta is an undergraduate student of Neurosciences at UC San Diego majoring in neuroscience and Physiology. She loves sharing the knowledge of neuroscience with others. She conducts research at the Stein Institute where she studies how the brain ages.



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